My life for far too long felt like all these broken pieces.
What was I to do with all these broken pieces?
Throw them away?
I tried but every time I picked them up they cut so deep , I could feel the blood drip down from my very life.
Walk away?
I tried that also, but the fragments embedded into my feet and I couldn't go but a few steps.
Ignore them?
I tried that too but I kept finding them everywhere I turned.
Glue them together?
That worked for a time, before they eventually came unglued, shattering around me, time after time. Each time felt worse, each time was more painful.
All these SHATTERED pieces of my life, my heart, my body. They lay around me calling out to me,
I quickly start scooping them up to push them away, they splinter, they hurt, they open old wounds and embed fresh wounds.
Falling to my knees . Surrendering all of these broken pieces to The One , I look down to see the truth of what I have become in the reflection of these broken pieces, I raise my hands, my head and cry out "Here's my heart, here's every piece of me, broken, and wounded, unable to move, take these pieces Lord, take every one of them, put them together as You would"
I lift my empty hands and wait as You fill them, as You reach down.
Take me by my hand and let's put these broken pieces back together , You and I , in a way that is far more BEAUTIFUL than they ever could of been.

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Fearless Ministries


To bring together the broken pieces, through God's Word, using art as a way of healing and finding freedom from the chains of our past and the wounds that bind us. Isaiah 53

Destiny's Story

The Lord spoke into my heart and told me to paint what I could not say, what I could not feel.

2 Corinthians 3:17

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All classes are held at Altered Ego Salon/Art Studio. Untill the property is purchased for the retreat center. Destiny also speaks with an interactive art piece at your location

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This Summer has been AMAZING! We have been speaking and doing interactive art in many places, held a youth lock in, was part of The Hope show, have been on set with a local Christian film, led the book study Sun Stand Still, by Steven Furtick,several art classes and 'art therapy'.

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We believe The Word of God is alive, living within us, only He can heal us and set us free.

Hebrews 4:12